The kindergarten program at GES is multi-faceted. We encourage development of the total child.

Since each child is unique, he or she will develop at a different rate than every other child. There are many aspects to the kindergarten program. Our language program combines guided reading, genuine literature, and phonemic awareness.

Writing is taught through modeling, mini-lessons, and the use of journals. Our math program consists of using manipulatives that provide sensory experiences in classifying, comparing, patterning, graphing, and counting. In addition, the curriculum includes fine motor, auditory, and gross motor skills. Many of the activities take place in small groups.

As you can see, the children are exposed to a great variety of experiences and activities. Kindergarten is an exciting time!

Meet the teachers!

Nicole Kulis, Kindergarten Teacher

Crissy Kellerman, Kindergarten Teacher

Joanna Yannantuono, Kindergarten Teacher