4th Grade

Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum is designed to allow students more time to practice authentic reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing tasks, to offer more choice in text selection, to organize the curriculum around units of study (genre/author/thematic studies) and to provide instruction through a workshop framework. The content of each unit serves as the vehicle for teaching students the essential skills, knowledge and understandings of English-language arts.

Social Studies

Our social studies program begins a unit on geography followed by a study of the Civil War.  From there, we study what life was like in the United States from the mid-1800's to the present.


Our current science program encompasses three major hands-on units:  Water Cycle/Erosion, Magnetism/Electricity, and Environments .  These units cover Earth, Physical and Life sciences and reflect changes made across the region to better align our program with new state standards.


The students learn to work together building upon each other's thoughts and ideas.  The teacher guides the discussion and exploration.   There are a variety of resources used throughout the course of each unit to support student learning.  Math journals help students put thought into words and share their ideas and understanding of concepts.  Students need to be ready for hands-on experiences in this minds-on active program. 

Meet the Teachers!

Mrs. Bunosso, 4th Grade Teacher

Miss Rausch, 4th Grade Teacher

Miss Zucaro, 4th Grade Teacher