2nd Grade

2nd Grade Curriculum

The second grade curriculum at GES provides a variety of exciting learning opportunities.

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum allows us to travel around the world and experience the similarities and differences of other cultures. This is accomplished through fiction and non-fiction reading selections.  


In science, the children explore the Life Cycle of Plants, the Physical Science of Solids, Liquids, and Gases, and the Earth Science of Soil and Recycling through non-fiction literature and hands-on experiments.


Students develop a solid foundation in the language and basic concepts of math that encourage problem-solving through a variety of strategies and approaches.

Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum is designed to allow students more time to practice authentic reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing tasks, to offer more choice in text selection, to organize the curriculum around units of study (genre/author/thematic studies) and to provide instruction through a workshop framework. The content of each unit serves as the vehicle for teaching students the essential skills, knowledge and understandings of English-language arts

Meet the Teachers!

Mrs. Castellano, 2nd Grade

Mrs. D'Uva, 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Engel, 2nd Grade Teacher