Registration Information

Welcome to Region 15! We are looking forward to getting to know your child and making them feel at home at any one of our highly regarded schools.

Registration for residents new to Region 15 is conducted throughout the year.  

Enrollment and Residency Requirements

Prior to registering a child in Region 15, we require proof of residency.  Permanent residency (physical presence with an intention to remain) in Southbury and/or Middlebury is the primary requirement to enroll in Region 15 schools.  A landowner, taxpayer, or business owner does not confer residency privileges for school enrollment processes.   

*Upon verification of the required documents, the student will be pre-enrolled.  We will not formally enroll the student until the school nurse confirms Connecticut State health compliance.

At your Registration Appointment, please bring the following documents (Documents can be downloaded below):

  • A rental lease or proof of home ownership (Deed, mortgage statement, current property tax bill)
  • One Utility Bill for secondary proof of residency in the form of : utility bill, landline telephone, water, electric, gas, oil, or cable television - not a cellphone bill). New residents must provide secondary proofs within one month of enrolling their child. 
  • A photo ID (CT Driver's license or State ID card) showing current Region 15 address or unexpired passport, or Connecticut issued identification card.
  • Region 15 Registration Form - one for each student registering
  • Record Release Form - one for each student registering 
  • Most recent school transcripts, grades, test scores, and credits
  • Connecticut Health Assessment Record (all incoming students must have a physical exam within 12 months of starting in Region 15).
    • We can not accept photographs of State Health Assessment Records.
    • School nurse and other health information can be found on the Region 15 Health Services page. 
  • Proof of Immunizations 
  • Affidavit Form: Demonstrating proof of legal guardianship or legal custody/residence, if applicable
  • Proof of child's age with one of the following, but not limited to:
    • Photocopy of a birth certificate (preferred)
    • Student's unexpired passport
    • Earlier school records
    • State-issued identification document
    • Physician's certificate verifying a student's age


Registration Appointments
(203) 758-8259 x 1023

Appointments are available in person, via phone, or through video conferencing.

Registration documents may be emailed or mailed for review. Documents mailed may take longer to process.

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