Calvin on the swings with Cougar Club Friends!
Chalk heart of GES
Students are getting off the bus as they arrive on the first day of school
Students collaborate while doing math
Families and Kindergarteners work on their Legacy Leaves together
Our teachers are the best! Working together to get ready for students.
Teachers Scooping Ice Cream at the Social
Kids enjoying ice cream at the social
A Cougar Club hangs out together!
Flying Paper Airplanes with Cougar Clubs!

Welcome to Gainfield Elementary School


Gainfield has a rich tradition of helping students achieve their highest potential while simultaneously creating a caring community of learners in this school. We help our students along their path to success by having them “follow the T.R.A.C.K.S.” - Trust, Respect, Accountability, Cooperation, Kindness, and Safety. These traits are foundational for creating habits of good citizenship. By working and learning together, Gainfield staff members and students create a community where everyone is happy and respected.


School Calendar

School News

Two girls sitting at table

Grace Kania (L) and Hazel Fitzpatrick (R) have been appointed as student representatives to the Region 15 Board of Education (BOE). As non-voting members of the BOE, the students serve as liaisons between the student body and the BOE. Both seniors at Pomperaug High School (PHS), they share with the community updates on academics, extra-curricular activities, school spirit, and school engagement.